Dino Ranch Clubhouse,Large 12-Inch Playset with Lights & Sound,Features Silo with Slide,Bridge,Extendable Room,2 Dino Ranchers,2 Dinos - Toys for Kids - Amazon Exclusive

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  • BARN & SILO: Join the fun at the Dino Ranch with the Dino Ranch Clubhouse, a large modular playset!
  • DINO RANCHERS: The playset includes Jon, Min, Blitz, and Clover from the hit TV children’s show.
  • COOL FEATURES: Slide down the slide, run over the bridge, break through the trap door, and more!
  • LIGHTS, SOUNDS, PHRASES: Be part of the Dino Ranch fun with the playset inspired by the show!
  • MORE TO COLLECT: Build your own Dino Ranch with all the toys, perfect for playing & displaying.

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